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Address:No.108, Jinmao Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu

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Sales engineer (male, 20-35)




1. Male, junior college and above, graduates major in marketing or high polymer are preferred;

2. Over one year experience in relevant sectors, fresh graduates are also accepted;

3. Outgoing, agile in response, good expressive capacity, strong communication and negotiation capacity;

4. Some marketing analysis, judgmental competence and sound customer service awareness;

5. A sense of responsibility, competence to withstand high work pressure, ability to get adjusted to business travel




1.Development and maintenance of old and new customers, regular visit, learning of customers’ trend and demand;

2. After-sales services of customers, competence to independently handle with and redress all accountable projects;

3. Analysis and sorting-out of customers’ archives at regular intervals, provision of analytical data on sales;

4. Provision of professional consultancy services to customers and collection of potential customers;

5. Regular recovery and receivable


Candidates can call0512-55173009-806 (Department of Human Resources) for more information