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P series


Product attributes

With EPDM+PP as basic materials, GURAM® TPV materials are light yellow or black particles formed through dynamic vulcanization. They have good physical and chemical performance and comfortable hand feeling. Usually they are used for injection molding, extrusion and other processing means. They’re very suitable for injection separate molding and encapsulated (PP, nylon, ABS, etc.) products. At the same time, they’re a good choice for some high-grade non-conventional type materials and oil delivery soft hoses and other extrusion products. Thanks to their good processing performance and extremely stable quality, GURAM® TPV has very wide processing means and applicable range.


Main advantages

1.Excellent weatherability 2.Good oil resistance, strong acid and strong alkali resistance 3.Good abrasion resistance 4.Comfortable hand feeling.


Physical property

Property    Test method    Testing Unit Range
Hardness, 5 seconds   ASTM D 2240   Shore A    45-98
Specific gravity   ASTM D 792  --- 0.88-9.2
Tensile strength    ASTM D 412    Mpa   7.8-15
Elongation at break   ASTM D 412    %   450-680
Tearing strength  ASTM D 624   KN/M  20-26
Shrinkage    ASTM D 395    %   1.0-1.5
Brittle temperature  ASTM D 746   C   -40--60


Product application

 GURAM® TPV, P-series materials are mainly applied to such products as windscreen wiper, fender, automobile sealing strip, automotive interior decoration, accessories of dish-washing machine, dust cover, oil delivery pipe and other products.


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