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Automotive foot mat



Automotive foot mat


Product attributes

Targeting at automotive carpet market at the moment, our company has developed two series products to deal with "wire loop TPR carpet" and "XPE imitation leather foot pad"
 In terms of "wire loop TPR carpet", our materials can easily deal with polypropylene fiber silk, nylon silk, Korean silk and cut velvet, loop velvet and other structures in wire rope carpet. They have good adhesion property and fastening silk property. And they can pass VOC testing under the automotive carpet industry standard.


Main advantages

1. Economic and favorable price. 2. Environmentally friendly and odorless. 3. High strength. 4. Good stiffness. 


In terms of ‘XPE imitation leather foot pad’, our material has good production compatibility and can be made into thin film with excellent adhesive effect. As this material needs to be used along with other materials, our company can offer relevant formula and technical support.


Main advantages

1. Scratch resistant. 2. Environmentally friendly and odorless. 3. High strength. 4. Thin film. 5. No oil dissolves out.

Product application

GURAM®  automotive carpet series materials are mainly applied to XPE coating, polypropylene fiber silk, nylon silk and other products.

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