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TPE manufacturers: Detailed explanation of TPE encapsulation

TPE manufacturers: Detailed explanation of TPE encapsulation

2020-12-11 14:47

As the name implies, TPE encapsulation is to encapsulate TPE material onto other materials. Commonly used processing methods include a two-color injection molding machine for one-shot molding, or an ordinary injection molding machine with an overmolding mold and two-shot injection molding. TPE encapsulation is usually used for handles and handles. Since TPE material encapsulation has a particularly comfortable touch, the introduction of TPE material improves the grip and touch of the product.


TPE material is the general term for thermoplastic elastomer, and the full English name is Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is a functional material with both rubber elasticity and plastic rigidity and can be directly injection molded. Generally, TPE encapsulated TPE materials refer to TPE-S or polystyrene thermoplastic elastomers, and TPE-S elastomers are also commonly referred to as TPE or TPR in the elastomer industry.


TPE encapsulation is divided into real encapsulation and fake encapsulation. The real encapsulation uses the compatibility of soft rubber and hard rubber in softening and melting to form a bonding layer on the contact surface of hard rubber and soft rubber (the compatibility here mainly depends on the solubility parameter SP of the material, the closer the solubility parameter is, The compatibility of these two materials is better.), which greatly improves the adhesion of TPE soft rubber and hard plastic packages. The fake encapsulation hardly involves the compatibility of the two materials. The material encapsulation is completed by mechanical force, mold and product design and surface treatment, and hoop embedding so that soft rubber and hard rubber can be connected together.

TPE encapsulated products are a large area of TPE thermoplastic elastomer applications. Used to have excellent resilience and shock absorption performance, comfortable hand feel, good elastic touch, can improve the touch of the product, enhance the grip, and has excellent anti-slip performance. It can be coated and bonded with PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PA and other base materials through two injection molding, and is widely used in daily life products.




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