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TPE manufacturers: the advantages of TPE encapsulation

TPE manufacturers: the advantages of TPE encapsulation

2020-12-15 11:06

    Because of the good slip resistance and elasticity of TPE encapsulation, it can enhance the feel of the product and help grip. And TPE can be adjusted to appropriate hardness (the hardness range of Shore 25-90A) and appropriate physical properties (such as wear resistance, adhesion, melt index, etc.). According to the properties of TPE encapsulated products, it can be combined with various materials and applied to various products.


    TPE is overmolded and processed to form a TPE encapsulation, which is usually used for handles, handles, electronic products and other products. This material gives the product a comfortable touch, enhanced grip, enhanced product beauty and added value. Most of the products are exported to developed countries, regions, such as the United States, Japan and the European Union. TPE elastomer is a soft green material that does not contain phthalates, does not contain halogen, meets ROHS environmental testing standards, and can fully meet the environmental protection requirements of the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions.


    TPE is often used for overmolding, two-color injection molding to form a TPE overmolding. TPE is a soft material, usually matched with hard materials, mainly plastic, metal and fabric. TPE fabric is mainly used for luggage products. This process is the same as metal TPE overmolding, usually pseudo overmolding. True overmolding is more common in two injections and two-shot injections. TPE can be firmly combined with some commonly used plastics PP, GPPS, HIPS, ABS and engineering plastics PC, PC/ABS, PA and their modified materials. In the current elastomer industry of TPE manufacturers, the adhesion of TPE and POM is still a problem. Since the solubility parameters SP (22.6) of POM and TPE (7.2-7.6) are completely different, the two materials are incompatible with each other, and no suitable compatibilizer has been found to promote the adhesion of the two materials.


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