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TPE manufacturers: what is the difference between TPE and tpr

TPE manufacturers: what is the difference between TPE and tpr

2020-12-21 10:10

    Generally, TPE and TPR are both thermoplastic elastomers, so there is no difference in their names. However, there are still differences in some applications. Today I will introduce you to the difference between TPE and TPR? Which is better, TPE or TPR


    The SEBS hybrid modified material is called TPE, and the SBS hybrid modified material is called TPR, but the name is not authorized by academics, nor is it recognized in the book. First, the TPE particles are matte, while the TPR particles are shiny. In addition, there are some specific ways to distinguish:


  1. The hardness is lower than 30A.

  For such low-hardness TPE and TPR, the elongation performance of tpr is generally not as good as that of tpe, and the tactile feel of tpr is more sticky than tpe.

  2. The hardness is 35~70A.

  This hardness range. The smoke when TPR burns is thicker than the smoke when TPE burns, and the flame when TPR burns is yellow. In addition to the yellow body of the TPE flame, the root of the flame is also colored.

  3. The hardness is not less than 75A.

  Due to the large proportion of PS, this hardness TPR is very high, the base material SBS itself contains styrene, and will emit a clear fragrance when burned. Of course, the smoke will turn black when burning, and the burning flame will turn yellow.

  Using TPE with this hardness, due to the larger proportion of PP, the fragrance is lighter when the material is burned, and the unique oily smell of PP is obvious. When burning, the smoke is lighter and the color of the flame root is blue.

  Therefore, many friends are hesitating about the difference between TPE and TPR. In fact, there is no need to hesitate, this is just a different way of calling materials. When selecting materials, you should clearly require and select suitable substrate modification materials. No need to consider the text names of TPE and TPR.

  The purpose of TPE and TPR.

  SEBS is the hydrogenated product of SBS. SEBS has better aging resistance and crack resistance. Therefore, TPE is more widely used than TPR. The application of TPR is limited to toys and shoe materials. TPE has a wide range of applications, such as food, medical, automotive, cables and electronic products.




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