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TPR manufacturers: TPR soft rubber in the toy industry application and performance requirements

TPR manufacturers: TPR soft rubber in the toy industry application and performance requirements

2020-12-27 12:35

The application of TPR soft glue in the toy industry has become more and more common, in the application field of traditional soft PVC material toys. TPR soft rubber materials have won the favor and trust of consumers with their better environmental protection, safety and non-toxic characteristics. Each industry has its own corresponding standards. As far as the toy industry is concerned, there are also specific industry standards, and different Of toy products have different requirements for the physical properties and processing properties of TPR soft rubber materials.

Although most TPR soft rubber materials meet the ROHS and EN71-3 test standards, the test standards for toy products are still different in different countries or regions. Some do not require PAHs or NP (nonylphenol). Some do not require the SVHC substances that are highly concerned in REACH. When mixing TPR compounds, this requires full consideration of environmental protection requirements in this regard!

Most of the plush toy products are bright and diverse colors. And there are higher requirements for the color matching of TPR soft rubber materials. The qualified TPR grade should have good toner diffusion performance and help make the toner better colored. In order to achieve the color matching effect as bright and uniform as possible!

For some soft toys with very soft hardness, care should be taken to choose suitable TPR soft rubber materials to prevent the product from cracking after processing. In addition, by optimizing and improving the molding process, the cracks caused by stress shrinkage are reduced!

Some toy products have high requirements for resistance to stretching and tearing. Some toy products have very good requirements for resilience. In short, it is necessary to provide suitable TPR soft rubber materials according to the specific requirements of customers.

The above is the application and performance requirements of TPR soft glue in the toy industry. I hope it will help you. If you need TPE, TPR, TPV, TPU, TPEE and other thermoplastic elastomer materials, please call Kunshan Kexin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.




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