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Contacts:Mr xu

Address:No.108, Jinmao Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu

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 Since the establishment in 2003, Kunshan Kesun Polymer Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the environmental protection cause with philosophy of “guided by technology, based on credibility and integrity”. Kesun is a professional manufacturer that integrates R&D, production and sales of thermoplastic elastomer. The company strives to build itself to be a comprehensive thermoplastic elastomer supplier to provide the best solutions for different enterprises.



Concept: guided by science and technology, based on credibility and integrity.




Excellent management and R & D team     ◆A full range of

thermoplastic elastomer

Advanced production technologies and techniques      ◆Large production scale in the Yangtze Delta

◆Complete before-sales, in-sales and after-sales services   


Strategic goal: to become the first brand in elastomer industry in China


Management concept: systematized, institutionalized, humanized



Team concept: borderless department, 1+1>2


Personnel evaluation concept: to promote the capable ones, abandon the mediocre ones, and protect the honest ones from suffering losses


Marketing concept: Continuous reform; Dedicated to environmental protection; Service the industry;Launch the choicest goods


Quality concept: pursuit of perfection, do it well at one time


Service concept: gratitude, sincerity, innovative service


Salary concept: results determine value


Cost concept: creating great benefit with proper cost


Learning concept: one will be eliminated if he ceases to study



Safety concept: safety is of utmost importance