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TPR manufacturers: the difference between TPR soft rubber and silicone, soft PVC material

TPR manufacturers: the difference between TPR soft rubber and silicone, soft PVC material

2021-01-02 16:06

Soft rubber materials provide more possibilities for people to pursue a better life. Many TPR soft rubber products provide a safer and more comfortable experience for daily life. The more common soft glues in daily life are mainly silica gel, TPR soft glue and soft PVC. However, the environmental safety and related characteristics of different soft glues are different. For consumers, it is very important for them to choose environmentally friendly TPR soft rubber materials.but how can consumers who do not understand these materials distinguish soft rubber products of different materials?


1. Consumer's daily identification method. Because of this situation, the product is usually not destructively identified, so it is difficult to identify, but it can also be traced. The thing that feels very smooth is silicone. If conditions permit, stretch, twist, and squeeze deformation. If the material is white, most of it is silicone; there is a peculiar smell, mostly soft PVC; using the exclusion method, without any of the above "symptoms" can be judged as TPR soft glue.


  2 Industrial manufacturing identification method, if in the field of industrial manufacturing, because the combustion identification test can be used to distinguish TPR, silicone and soft PVC, it is much simpler. It can be distinguished directly by burning identification. Silica gel burns, white bright flame, white smoke, and the residue after burning is white powder (silica gel); TPR soft rubber burns, yellow flame, aromatic smell, a certain amount of black smoke, completely Burning, no residue or a small amount of white powder; PVC is soft when burned, the flame is yellow, but the flame root is green, with a certain amount of black smoke, smelly, and completely burns without residue or a small amount of white powder. After the fire source is extinguished, in addition to the particularly soft PVC, other materials will also extinguish.


Regarding the distinction and identification of silica gel, TPR, and soft PVC, that's it. For more information about thermoplastic elastomers TPE and TPR, please continue to pay attention to Kunshan Kexin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.

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